Rates & Policies



Pilates is an unregulated field, which means that anyone can say that they teach Pilates. It is extremely important to know your teacher’s Pilates credentials not only to gain the benefits from Pilates, but also to avoid serious injury.

As you interview Pilates teachers, consider asking your teacher what his or her “Pilates lineage” is. Joseph Pilates had many students who went on to train the next generation of teachers, thus preserving the essence of the Method. Some of Joseph Pilates’ students who went on to teach were: Romana Kryzanowska (my mentor), Eve Gentry, Carola Trier, Naja Cori, Kathy Grant, Bruce King, Robert Fitzgerald, and Ron Fletcher.



Please come to the studio dressed in your workout clothes and ready to exercise. Form-fitting clothing is recommended. NO ZIPPERS OR BELTS.


  1. Clean Pilates Socks (Socks that expose the toes are not permitted.)
  2. Hand Towel
  3. Water Bottle
  4. Hand Sanitizer

POLICIES: I hope your experience with Pilates will be fun, rewarding, and beneficial to your health and fitness. These policies are designed to ensure that you have a successful training experience.

  • Please park in the street, being mindful not to block our neighbors’ entrances.
  • Lessons are 50 minutes in length. Time and/or cost adjustments will not be available to those who arrive late for a scheduled lesson.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are check, cash, or Venmo. Please make checks payable to GADAR PILATES. Payments are non-refundable. No credit cards, please.
  • As part of my contract as a registered Health Studio, payments will be made on a monthly basis. Monthly payments will be due upon completion of the last paid lesson of the previous month. Please come to your last lesson of the month prepared with your schedule for the following month and a check. Lessons cannot be scheduled without payment on the due date.
  • Regularly scheduled time-slots are given (based on availability) to students who attend lessons weekly. An absence of 4 weeks or more may result in the loss of a regularly scheduled time slot.
  • All lessons canceled without adequate 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount. Cancellations are accepted via email (preferred) and voicemail (NO texts). If one of the participants of a semi-private lesson cancels less than 24 hours ahead they will be charged the full amount and the other participant will have a private lesson at no additional cost.
  • Lessons canceled with more than 24 hours notice can be made up. Make-up lessons are subject to availability. Make-up lessons may be scheduled during the regular workweek. Make-up lessons must be scheduled within 60 days of the canceled lesson. Make-up lessons cannot be used as credits towards the next month of lessons (in other words, make-ups must be scheduled on a different day than your regularly scheduled time slot).
  • Gadar Inc. reserves the right to stop working with a client who is non-compliant, and/or continuously canceling lessons, and/or arriving late, and/or a no show for scheduled lessons.
  • Gadar Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for any article lost, stolen or damaged, in or about the studio.


  • PEAK SEASON (October-May): Monday through Friday, by appointment only.
  • SUMMER SEASON (June-September): Tuesday through Friday, by appointment only.
  • I also offer online virtual private lessons for students and teachers. Please note: The recording of virtual lessons with Gadar Pilates is strictly prohibited.

RATES FOR IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL LESSONS (accepting check, cash, and Venmo):

  • 1 LESSON/MONTH: $95
  • 2 LESSONS/MONTH: $180
  • 3 LESSONS/MONTH: $255
  • 4 LESSONS/MONTH: $320
  • 4+ LESSONS/MONTH: $320 plus $80 each additional lesson
  • SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS: $65 per student. For safety reasons, students must have undergone previous private instruction and have instructor approval to participate. Instructor approval is based on the students’ familiarity with the Pilates equipment and their individual workout routines, and the availability of a partner. Please do not bring another student to your lesson without written or verbal approval from the instructor.