pilates personal training

christina maria gadar

These videos were created in an effort to offer a glimpse into the large repertoire of exercises that make up the original Pilates Method. My hope is that the viewer will appreciate the genius of Joseph Pilates’ work and see how he connected the exercises of the matwork with the apparatus work to create a complete system of physical and mental conditioning for power and flexibility.

Please keep in mind that Pilates looks different on every person and is constantly modified to suit the individual. I have done Pilates with various injuries including a broken foot and ankle and during my two pregnancies. The beauty of Pilates is that it molds to your current situation. As a former professional ballet dancer and mother of two children this is how Pilates looked on my body on the various days of filming.






As a physical therapist I believe that most people can truly benefit from a Pilates program. Christina is able to evaluate her students and puts together a program specifically designed for their needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  
-Lynn C.




For the past 8 years Christina has helped me to work without harming previous injuries or surgeries. The Pilates method is something I can practice for a lifetime—anytime and anywhere.
-Charlene L.




Christina is a fantastic teacher who is very detail focused, especially on proper alignment. This is particularly important for me as I occasionally have back issues. Believe it or not, you can actually do a full workout with modifications when you are having back issues.
-Mitchell E.