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If You’re Going To Do It | Do It Right
Pilates is an unregulated field, which means that anyone can say that they teach Pilates. When Christina Maria Gadar was certified in 2000 by Joseph Pilates’ protégé Romana Kryzanowska, only graduates of Romana’s program could legally say that they taught Pilates, all other teachers had to label their work as “pilates-based.” This distinction no longer exists, so it is extremely important to know your instructor’s credentials not only to gain the benefit that true Pilates can provide, but also to avoid serious injury.

50 minute lessons on spring-based apparatus and mat-based exercises are available by appointment, Monday through Friday.

Lesson Descriptions
A private lesson is a highly individualized lesson with the certified instructor creating a personalized exercise program designed according to one’s specific body.

A semi private lesson is a customized lesson for two students working together with one certified instructor. For safety reasons, students must have undergone previous private instruction and have instructor approval to participate.

$70 for initial assessment (required for all new students).
$65 per private lesson
$45 per student for semi private lesson

A credit card will be required to secure the initial assessment and will only be charged if the lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. Check or cash are accepted. Credit cards are accepted with an additional 3% credit card fee.

Cancellation Policy
All lessons cancelled without adequate 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount. Cancellations made by email or text are not accepted.

Wear comfortable workout clothing. Form fitting clothing is recommended, but not required. The use of clean cotton socks is required during the workout as part of the Florida Health Code. Please avoid the use of body lotion, belts, clothing with zippers and excessive jewelry.

As a professional golfer, I have spent countless hours in gyms with personal trainers but none have produced the results that Christina has. Pilates is miraculous for golfers as it is, but you only get the full benefit if you have a good instructor to ensure that you are doing the movements correctly. I have become infinitely stronger and more flexible through my sessions with Christina and owe a great deal of the improvement in my game to her.
-Liebelei  Elena Lawrence,  Ladies European Tour