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Custom Tailored Syllabus, Month By Month
Each month your instructor will prepare a new custom-tailored syllabus for your month of lessons. Please try to be consistent with your practice (2-3 lessons a week) so that you can progress. If you have a specific goal for the month (preparation for a skiing trip, marathon, golf tournament, tennis match etc) or general goal (desire to improve posture, balance, stamina, coordination etc.) please let your instructor know when scheduling your lessons so that she may take that into consideration when planning your syllabus.

By making a commitment to your instructor with your schedule one month at a time, she can provide you with lessons that have distinct themes and well thought out endings that will leave you with a better understanding of how to incorporate Pilates into every minute of your day. When Pilates is done correctly with skilled instruction and original equipment, it becomes an investment that enhances your life.


Expect Homework
At your initial assessment you will receive a matwork chart. If you are scheduling less than three private lessons a week, it is strongly recommended that you do the Pilates matwork at home so that you can still get a combined total of three workouts a week. The chart is merely a guide to help you learn the order, names and repetitions of the exercises. Please do not do any exercise on your own if you have not already worked on it with your instructor. Taking an active part in your Pilates education is a wonderful way to make the most of your investment in your health and well-being.



Christina has streamlined a syllabus for her students that goes to the essence of Pilates. And as with all that is classical, great preparation and sweat equity goes into it!
-Clara Gibson-Maxwell, dancer/choreographer